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How to earn from stocks

When I didn't see any perspective working under others on strickt working hours, their conditions, schedule, wondered if I coud do something on my own. And found! It's photo stocsks. I contribute photos, they are selling and I earn money. My photos are in the all continents of the world now. They are in blogs, webpages, internet media, magazines. I have to admit, that profit did not come at the first day, I started. You need to be patient. But the good news are – if you insistently supplement your content, keywords choose wisely, your pictures are good, also your earning grow. It is better to contribute for different stocks. I dont see any use of exclusive contracts. There are different clients for different stocks, so wide coverage is more useful. Also earning on different stocks differs. There are stocks you can earn in a day the same as in a month on other stock. So, I suugest my top of stocks, depending on selling and earnings

shutterstock images
shutterstock images

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